Master Yourself Academy


A 90 minutes interactive session
that will give you an important tool
- a new way of thinking that will
liberate you personally.

It will also help you connect with and
empower others powerfully.


Whether you are a parent, teacher, manager, student, working professional, homemaker, artist or from any walk of life, walk-in to

discover who you can be, when you learn to

let go of who you are.


This is for anyone who wishes to
have a greater positive influence
on themselves and others.


What others think of you
can’t stop you.
What you think of yourself
can’t limit you.
Why define with identities when
you can discover the possibilities!

Come, let’s explore how to do that!
See you there, with friends and family!

This June
1st, Friday
6 pm to 7.30 pm

No.7, Tropical Drive, 
Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, 
Ghitorni, New Delhi - 110030


Narmada is graceful, powerful in narration, clarifies points well, explains concepts patiently. Very good trainer. Overall it was a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

— S. Ramachandran
VP- HR, Cavinkare Pvt Ltd. Chennai

Narmada - Similar to her blogs, her interactions were also captivating to listen and ponder. I liked her way of simplifying great concepts into simple steps. She had good knowledge of concept was very helpful in guiding me to break great thoughts into simple facts.

— Rajani Kamakshi

Narmada Rao, Speaker

I am a Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Coach, blogger, motivational speaker, and counsellor. I have lived, travelled and worked in different parts of the world. I got attracted into the world of NLP when I saw the magic that people can create for themselves with gentle nudges. Sue Knight and Arul, my trainers and Gurus have inspired me in my journey and here I am! I have often wondered what is it that stops people from achieving what they want for themselves. And what is it that helps people achieve it. People know “what” they should be doing. It’s not the question of knowledge then. The answer lies in knowing “how” to do what they want to do. That precisely, is what we help people discover for themselves during our trainings.

I believe that :

Past can be liberating if we know how to take the learnings and move on from there. We are beyond our past, before our future and much above what we think we are. Fear is not a great emotion to live our life with. Hope and love are! Change doesn’t take time. It happens in one compelling moment of awareness. And that’s what we are here to offer.
Look forward to meeting you in one of our programs